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Updated: 2/24/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Tempest
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
  • The Tempest by Shakespeare is a play about an ex Duke named Prospero's magic. The betrayal from his brother Antonio. The instant love between Prospero's daughter Miranda and the son of Alonso, Ferdinand. On the island also live Propsperos servants Ariel and Caliban. Throughout the story, Prospero must learn to forgive those who hurt him in the past.
  • Act 3
  • Alonso the King of Naples and other royals including Antonio are on their way back to Italy after a wedding in Africa. On their way, they get into a massive storm created by Ariel (Prospero's servant) under Prospero's orders causing the men to wash up onto Prospero's island. Ferdinand (Son of the King of Naples). separated from the others and meets Miranda. They fall in love at first sight.
  • Act 4
  • Ariel put all the men to sleep except Antonio (Duke of Milian) and Sebastian (the brother of Alonso). While the others are asleep Antonio tries to convince Sabastian to kill Alonso (King of Naples) so they can rule.
  • Act 5
  • Ferdinand is bringing wood in for Prospero. He doesn't like it too much since he is not used to doing work for himself, but him seeing Miranda makes the work not feel as bad. Miranda and Ferdinand then confess their love for each other and agree to get married. Prospero is happy about this because this was part of his plan. This is a good thing for him because it will make him royal once again.
  • In celebration of Miranda and Ferdinand’s love for each other and their upcoming marriage, a masque is performed for them by three goddesses. Juno (queen of the gods), Ceres (goddess of agriculture), and Iris (goddess of the rainbow). They were there to wish the couple good things (blessing them honor and riches).
  • Prospero tells Ariel to release the men. Everybody unites with one another on the island. Prospero forgives everyone and plans to give up his magic because he fulfilled what he planed. Alonso is filled with joy to find his son Ferdinand alive and feels remorse for what he did to Prospero.