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Updated: 3/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • In the book, one of the biggest life lessons is not letting go of your most vauable things
  • The lagan family is hard working because papa works at the railroad to make money to to pay for the land
  • Oh, man I am like 2 months early.
  • Despite Mama losing her job, her family is working hard to make up the difference and persevere.
  • March 20th1933
  • In one of Cassie's talks with her dad, Papa had told Cassie that they would never sell their land because of the value that it holds for them.
  • Papa leaves his family every summer to go work on the railroad to make money for his family so that they can have there land.
  • Mama lost her job because she was teaching something that she was not supposed to teach but with the support of her family she and their hard work they will make it. Papa is going back to the railroad early to help bring in more money.