The Graveyard

Updated: 6/23/2021
The Graveyard

Storyboard Description

By Bhavya Chaudhari Please mark this in the assessment.

Storyboard Text

  • The Graveyard
  • The Man Jack
  • No I haven't seen anyone. Can you leave now?
  • Have you seen a baby around here? I'm Baby sitting right now and he ran away.
  • Bod (Nobody)
  • The toddler was so heartbroken after he witnessed his parents getting murdered and fled away to the graveyard to hide from the killer.
  • Scarlett Perkins
  • The killer walked across the city trying to look for the kid so that he could murder him, but he couldn't find him anywhere. The cemetery was his final chance, but the infant was not found. Silas, the guard at the cemetery, reported that he saw nobody.
  • Outside the Graveyard
  • Get him
  • When Silas found a little child he didn't know what to do with him. So Silas took him to Mr and Mrs Owens to see what they could do.Mrs Owens said she was willing to look after him because she never had a child. Silas claimed he was going to be the guardian of the infant. The child got the freedom of the Graveyard and the baby got some magic powers. Then Mrs and Mr Owen's, decided that Bod for Nobody is going to be the child's name.
  • Bod leaves the Graveyard
  • Years went by and Bod found a friend named Scarlett to play with everyday, but one day, she questioned him about his name and he became interested about who he really was, who his true family was, where did he originate from?
  • What is your name?
  • I don't really know.
  • Bod wanted to discover the actual world so he left the cemetery to see what was in the real world. He got into a shop and there were guys who tried to take him away but he fled.
  • No, please don't
  • At the end of the story Bod makes a decision to leave the graveyard  and start a new life by him self.
  • Goodbye son.I hope you have a good life.
  • Goodbye mum goodbye dad I love you guys so much