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Week 2
Updated: 2/27/2019
Week 2
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  • Reese Hejlek
  • Lazear had tried the mosquitos on many occasions, he was about to give up so the last person he wanted to try was Carroll. Finally, after getting bitten by the mosquito a couple weeks later Carroll had a disease.
  • Text Structure- Sequence
  • Signpost- Contrast and Contridictions
  • Lazear raised mosquitos that were not exposed to yellow fever disease and had them suck blood from a patient that did suffer from it. Then he had the bugs suck blood from someone who had not yet been affected.
  • Yellow Death
  • Mindset- Fixed
  • To improve Lazear wanted to keep trying his mosquito theory.
  • Summary- If/Then and Aha! Huh?
  • If Lazear wouldn't have thought about all possible ways to get yellow death, then he might not be as close as he is no
  • The difference is he put people who were not affected in danger so he could test his theory.
  • Question
  • How would you feel if your husband or wife was doing some kind of business and didn't tell you?
  • Hoping it wasn't the mosquitos that gave him yellow death, Carroll's fever was raising and he was getting sicker by the minute.
  • Carroll didn't want Lazear's theory of mosquitos work, so when he started getting sick he kept saying that it wasn't the mosquitos that gave it to him.
  • If at first, you don't succeed try try again- Perserverence- Never give up- Believe in yourself- Don't listen to people who want you to fail
  • Aha! Carroll got yellow death a couple weeks after the mosquito sucked his blood! Huh? Carroll got cured really fast
  • Question for week 2
  • Is there another way that Carroll could have gotten Yellow Fever?
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