The Three Little Pigs

Updated: 10/12/2021
The Three Little Pigs

Storyboard Text

  • Once there were three little pigs. Piggy 1 builds his house out of straw, not knowing that the big bad wolf was going to come.
  • Piggy 2 decided to make his house out of sticks and logs, thinking it would save him from the Big Bad Wolf.
  • However, this little pig, Piggy 3, made his house out of cement and bricks knowing it would save him from the dangerous wolf.
  • One day this little pig had a was the Big Bad Wolf he blew his house to the ground, but luckily the little pig got out safely.
  • After the gray wolf blew down the first house, he went to the next one. He huffed and he huffed and he blew down the house made of sticks and logs.
  • Finally, he left to go blow down the last house. He huffed and he puffed, but he couldn't blown down the house of brick. the little pigs in the house laughed at him through the windows. So ts. So the wolf climbed down the chimney and fell in the fire.