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My adventure to see earth
Updated: 9/4/2020
My adventure to see earth
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  • When I was close to earth I saw land, water, the sun, and the moon.
  • then I saw some clouds and the sky
  • And when I got on earth I saw some people and some buildings
  • The Hydrosphere consists water in all its forms. The atmosphere is the layer of gassed around the earth. The biosphere consists of all living plants and animals. And the geosphere is made of rocks.
  • the core, the mantle, the crust.
  • The geothermal gradient is the amount that the earths temperature increases it indicates heat flowing from the earth's warm interior to its surface. On average, the temperature increases by about 25°C for every kilometer.
  • The sun produces light and radiation to the earth.
  • Constructive forces build things and destructive forces destroy things. 
  • Then I saw trees, water, mountains, and some animals.
  • All the minerals of the earth and what there made of-The core is made up of metal. The inner core is made up of iron. The outer core is made up of liquid. Above the core is the earths mantle that is made up of rock. And the crust is made up of oxygen that surrounds the earth. The lithosphere is rocky. The anthenoshphere is made up of molten rock. The convection current is when worm and cold water makes a cycle.
  • heat in the outer core results from residual energy from the Earth. The pressure of the earth is 1013.25 millibars.
  • Three major types of landforms are planes, mountains, and plateaus.
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