Unknown Story

Updated: 4/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The return of Creon
  • "He was murdered. Apollo demands that we take revenge upon the man who killed him."
  • "Where are the killers? How, after so many years, can we find a clue to solve the crime?"
  • Lays curse upon killer
  • "I lay this curse upon the killer, whether he acted alone or with accomplices..."
  • Teiresias blames Oedipus
  • "Hold you slanderous tongue."
  • "You are the killer. You bring the pollution upon Thebes."
  • In this scene Creon is telling Oedipus, for the first time hearing it, that Apollo has been murdered. During this time, Oedipus is feeling a lot of pride considering he is going to take charge, and he is going to be the one who solves this crime after many years.
  • A discovery made
  • During this scene Oedipus is casting a curse upon the killer of Apollo in hopes of getting the killer to own up to the crime he commited. Oedipus feels humiliated that he would ever have to do such a thing, but shows pride doing it, knowing it needs to be done.
  • The unknown
  • "I must go on. I must find the truth."
  • At this time Teiresias is blaming Oedipus for the killing of Apollo, and he only knows this because he can predict the future. This scene shows foreshadowing, as we soon find out later. Oedipus simply feels humiliated that someone would ever think he would murder someone.
  • Curse for giving Oedipus life
  • After Jocasta describes how and where Apollo was murdered,  Oedipus realizes he was in a very similar situation, and only hopes that the survivor mentions multiple killers. Humiliation is brought upon Oedipus when he realizes everyone is going to find out what he did.
  • "If he still speaks of several killers, then I was not the murderer. I was alone."
  • At this point in the play Jocasta realizes that she was the one who left Oedipus on a forest hill, and that she is his mother. Jocasta does not want Oedipus to find out because she knows everything will be ruined. Oedipus is starting to feel humiliated that he is not familiar with his past as he should be.
  • "Oh listen to me. I am begging you. Seek no further."
  • In this scene Jocasta hangs herself and dies, Oedipus finds her and gouges out his very own eyes. As he is sitting in front of Jocasta's dead body he casts a curse upon the person who saved his life. Oedipus is humiliated that this is how his life turned out to be, and wishes it wasn't the case.
  • "I curse the man who pulled the bolt for my feet. He saved my life but should have left me on the hills to die. This heavy grief would not now lie upon me and those I love