Cupid and Psyche
Updated: 1/25/2020
Cupid and Psyche
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  • Psyche Being Hot.
  • Sweet gods above she's hot
  • You're Cute
  • Maybe we can go out sometime?
  • Aphrodite's Wrath?
  • Force her to fall in love with the UGLIEST thing around!
  • I don't know, she's looking kind of hot.
  • The Invisible Husband.
  • Um, ok?
  • You must never see what I look like.
  • A king had three daughters, and the other two were ok, but the most gorgeous out of the three of them was named Psyche. Men start ignoring the altars of Aphrodite, which pisses her off.
  • The Girl Who Was Too Curious.
  • You will never see me again!
  • Okay.
  • Aphrodite sends her son Cupid to go use his arrows to make her fall in love with the ugliest thing possible. He goes in to do the job, but he gets distracted and pricks himself with his own arrow, making him fall in love with Psyche.
  • The Aftermath of the tasks.
  • You've done enough, love. Let me do the rest
  • After a while, Psyche's two sisters get married, but Psyche herself does not. Worrying if they've angered the gods, her parents go to see the Oracle of Apollo. The oracle tells her parents that she's destined to marry an irresistible monster. Her parents lead her up to the top of the mountain to wait for her monstrous husband, and Zephyr eventually carries her to a flower filed via strong wind. She sees a castle and heads inside. She's treated to a feast out of pure kindness. Later that night, her husband-to-be comes in the night, so she can't see him. He tells her that she must never see what he looks like.
  • The Lovely Finish.
  • After a while, Psyche starts to get lonely, so she convinces her invisible husband to let her talk to her sisters. After lying to them about what her husband is, her sister just tell her to look at him, since the prophecy said he's a monster. She follows this advice later that same night. She stands over him with a lamp and a knife in case he is a monster, and she looks. She sees what he truly is, and gets distracted by how hot he is. Some of the oil from the lamp drips onto Cupid and burns him. Infuriated by this, he flies away out of the window, saying that she would never see him again
  • *crying noises*
  • Destroyed by this emotionally, Psyche wanders around for quite some time to try and find him. Her sisters tried to get Zephyr to take them to psyche's husband for themselves. Zephyr doesn't help them and they fall to their deaths. Psyche eventually presents herself to Aphrodite, who makes her do grueling tasks in order to prove her worth as Cupid 's wife. The first two tasks were sorting tons of grains, and gathering golden wool. Those two tasks didn't count towards her worthiness because she had godly assistance with both of them. For her final task, Aphrodite tells Psyche to go get some beauty from Persephone. Cupid tells her how to get to the underworld to do that, and she goes and gets the box of beauty. Out of temptation, she opens the box and passes out. Cupid goes in and wakes her up, tells her to take the box to Aphrodite and he will handle the rest.
  • Cupid goes and pleads to Zeus to tell Aphrodite to chill out about the whole thing after Psyche delivers the box to Aphrodite. Zeus convinces her to calm down, and Cupid and Psyche are allowed to live happily ever after.
  • I love you so much.
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