Chapter 1
Updated: 2/2/2021
Chapter 1

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  • I'll race you to the corner, Ellen!We've to practice for the athletic meeton Friday!
  • Chapter 1
  • Oh, all right.Ready, Go!
  • Wait for me!
  • Halte!
  • Why are you running?Are you a good student?
  • ......
  • Don't talk too much
  • She's pretty, like my own little girl.Go home, all of you. Go study your textbook and don't run!
  • Don't!(grab my hair)
  • Annemarie, what happened?What's Kirstitalking about?
  • ... Then he grabbed my hair!
  • You girls walk a different way to school tomorrow. It's important to be one of the crowd, always. Be one of many. Be sure that they never have reason to remember your face.