French Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 12/18/2019
French Revolution Storyboard
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • I don't want to pay taxes!
  • Neither do we!
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • We are never going to leave!
  • Only if we get a just constitution!
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • We want guns and weapons!
  • During a time of financial crisis in France, the three estates come together to hold a meeting. They held a vote by order to try to solve France's problem. This was a move towards democracy because all three estates came together.
  • The March on Versailles
  • Bread!
  • We demand to see the king!
  • In June 1789, the delegates of the Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly. They pledged not to leave until they had a just constitution. This was a move towards democracy because the people in the third estate decided to take a stand and better their quality of life.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • I don't like Robespierre...
  • Time for you to lose your head!
  • On July 14, 1789, more than 800 Parisians gathered outside the Bastille, a prison, looking for weapons and gunpowder. A battle broke out. This day is celebrated as France's national independence day and can be considered a move towards democracy because it sparked the revolution.
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • Pope: I now crown you-
  • Napoleon: I'm crowning myself.
  • About six thousand women marched from Paris to Versailles shouting "Bread!" and demanding to see the king. They made him promise to move to Paris. This was a move towards democracy because they brought him into Paris so he could see how they lived and hopefully make a change.
  • Robespierre was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety, whose members were in charge of trials and executions. He believed France could achieve a "republic of virtue" only through terror. Many were killed by guillotine. This is a move away from democracy because people were being killed for thinking differently.
  • Napoleon is crowned as the emperor of France. He embraces reforms. He becomes very successful in the military, leading many battles against some of the greatest European powers. This is a move towards democracy because he also controlled prices, built roads, and set up public schools.
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