tears of a tiger
Updated: 3/12/2020
tears of a tiger

Storyboard Text

  • "Well, if yor really want to know, I wanted to die right after the accident. i wanted it to be me that was dead instead of Rob." pg.24
  • Defining moment: Trying to save Rob from the burning vehicle
  • Essental question: He needs to understand that Robs death is not his fault
  • Andy
  • Any is on the basketball team with Tyrone and he was driving the car when Rob died.Strength: Tried his best to save RobWeakness: Feels responsible for Robs death
  • Rob was the captain of the basketball team and he died in a terrible alcohol related crash.Strength: Great athleteWeakness: Easily pressured
  • Robbie
  • "Andy! Andy! Help me-Help me-Oh God, please don't let me die like this! Andy!..." pg.14
  • Defining moment: Car crash
  • BJ is friends with Andy and Tyrone. he isnt on on the basketball team and he was the only sober person in the car during the crash.Strength: Strog willedWeakness: Overwhelmed with guilt
  • Bj
  • "Is it my fault that Robbie is dead? i wasn't drivin'. I wasn't even drinkin'." pg.15
  • He needs to know he isnt responsible for the crash
  • Defining moment: Prayed about his guilt and wished that he was dead instead of Rob