Fight against covid-19
Updated: 4/3/2021
Fight against covid-19

Storyboard Text

  • Covid-19 virus is spreading fast, we should maintain the social distancing.
  • yeah, we should go home, take care always! 
  • We can play here at home and pray that this will end fast.
  • What we'll do? we can't go outside.
  • I came from the grocery store to buy some food so we wouldn't leave the house again.
  • Hi mom! Where have you been?  It's dangerous outside you should sanitize yourself.
  • Yes mom, we hope that this pandemic ends so that we can eat in our favorite restaurants again.
  • Hey guys! you wash your hands at least 20 seconds before we eat.
  • That's right mom!
  • Okay, I'll lead the prayer
  • Okay guys before we go to sleep, we will pray first so God will continue to protect and bless us.