Good communication.
Updated: 3/15/2021
Good communication.

Storyboard Description

Sam and Kira.

Storyboard Text

  • Sister, did you know that in class we have been researching about Snow leopards?
  • No I didn't know. Tell me some facts about the Snow leopards then.
  • Snow leopards live in the mountains, from central Asia to North India. They have black patches and are unique to every individual. They have thick fur(5-12cm) to keep themselves warm.
  • Woah, that is so cool. Snow leopards are so fluffy, can I have one for my birthday?
  • Sure! I'd love too. But you need to teach me though.
  • Sorry Kira, Snow leopards belong in the wild. Since we're in my room, wanna play on my computer?
  • Oh okay. Could you demonstrate.
  • Sure! So you have to press these keys to move around. You need to move around to hide from the seeker unless you are the seeker.
  • Hide Sam! I can see the seeker!
  • Okay, I'm on it.