Rashad and quin end of story
Updated: 3/31/2021
Rashad and quin end of story

Storyboard Text

  • Why are you here Quinn?
  • It ok still recovering
  • This is unstable you two are in the same basketball team you deserve a punishment you guys are not going to be playing basketball this weekend of the tournament
  • I came here to see you because i know what happen srry about that
  • Fine couch
  • I wanted to see how he was you can't tell me who to vist and not
  • Why did you vist rashad "spits in face"
  • Why are you two fighting meet me at the office at 2:00
  • How will you switch on my i used to be your father figure when your dad died
  • Justice For Rashad
  • I am doing the right thing if my father was alive he would of done the same thing and you know it
  • But coach it his fault he started everything . In quinn mind." Yes i go to the protest
  • What it his fault!!
  • Yes!! Thank you for everything
  • Your free to go
  • Justice
  • Everybody shouting. Justice for Rashad
  • For
  • Rashad