Reading Habits
Updated: 11/20/2020
Reading Habits

Storyboard Text

  • WOW, he really has so many books, i really need to start reading too
  • Why does he bring me to his friends house always? No fun, I want to run after Cats
  • You can build the habit too, Start Small. Why don't you try audiobooks?
  • Yes, this is good. Tell him more, he will be busy and I can bark at cats
  • Too Boring for me
  • Really, that is good. I can always walk my pet and hear books
  • Let me show you, you can download this app, this will make you hear the books you like
  • Wow this is excellent, i will certainly try this
  • See, download this app and you can use it to listen the books
  • Great, now let's go home and play
  • Today was a great day. Learned about the use of this App, which is great, now i can read anytime.