Online Kitchen Course Storyboard FIU
Updated: 2/7/2020
Online Kitchen Course Storyboard FIU

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to this fully online course. This course will show you new efficient ways of kitchen operation in order to compleate each order in under 15 min.
  • Intro Slide
  • The course is designed to replace live lectures by incorporating Powerpoint presentations, prerecorded webinars, and discussion boards.
  • Course Material
  • The course will run for 4 weeks and is made of 4 modules. Each module will require about 2 hours to complete. The rest of the time should be used for practice to strengthen your skills.Strat date: Feb 10 | End: March 13.
  • Course Info
  • Will begin with Kitchen Etiquette. For instance stop what you are doing and remove all spills and clean tables, etc.
  • Module 1
  • After you arrived to work, check the calendar to see if today is any kind of an event and read the instructions for today. For this use one of the computers or tablets available at the job place and open the calendar app to see the instructions for today.
  • Module 2
  • Always keep track of the time of day and of the approximate amount of clients need to be served during the specific time of day. Follow all of the instructions carefully.
  • Module 3