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Science story
Updated: 9/30/2020
Science story
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  • Neon- So, did you like that trick I taught Metalloid?Lithium- Yeah! Its just like that flip I do! Neon- thats where I got the idea to teach him that, I thought that since I'd break my back trying to do a trick like that, might as well teach my dog some of your tricks! Lithium- Ha Ha! Can he do any more of my tricks?Neon- no, he could only do a few, like a bit of both of us!Lithium- ok, do you want to want to hang out with my friends later today?Neon -Sure, we are still on for dinner with my friends today right?Lithium- Of course!
  • Neon- A boxing ring?Lithium- yeah, my friends and I are the alkalis and we all on have one valence electron, so we are pretty reactiveNeon-Ooh, so you guys figure that while you were probably going to get in a fight anyways might as well fight in a place you're. allowed too!Lithium-exactly, Metalloid sure does seem rallied upNeon-yeah he get exited around new peopleLithium-makes sinceNeon- so is this your favorite ring?Lithium- I don't know, we've never been to another oneNeon- really!?Lithium- yeah, were all pretty solid, unless someone makes us we won't move (except for Hydrogen, he's different)
  • Lithium- This place is amazing!Neon- thank you, my friends and family have always been very stable money wise (and I don't think we've ever had a fightLithium-I can see that, but how?Neon- >laughs< oh, were. the noble
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