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Updated: 1/19/2021
sarah ss

Storyboard Text

  • To much profanity for today's youth. Make Profanity in public illegal. 
  • Ok then, lets go!
  • If you want to make a law, we'll need to visit the office of legal counsel, to make sure your bill doesn't have any legal issues.,
  • Thank you Mrs. Burgess, but what now
  • Come on kid, now we wait till the bill is approved.
  • Well now I'll have to send it to the Clerk of house or the secretary of state, to get rid of any legal issues the bill may have.
  • So what are we waiting for now?
  • Well now the legislator files the bill with the Clerk of the House, or Secretary of Senate.
  • They then formally introduce the bill, also know as the 1st reading. It is then assigned to a standing committee.
  • Bill V1 Profanity must be illegal to use in public.
  • Bill V1, Reading 1. This bill....
  • Bill V1, Reading 2. This Bill...
  • Bill V1Profanity must be illegal to use in public.
  • The bill then receives a second reading, and is then considered by a committee.
  • The rules committee then meets and prepares a rules calendar.
  • Favorable, and ready to be placed on a general calendar.
  • Bill V1Profanity must be illegal to use in public.