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Updated: 12/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Scoob puts out the campfire and tells his son to go to bed. He says he wants some alone time.
  • Dad! You're finally awake! Can you tell me the story now?
  • Scoob Jr (AKA Son). I just woke up! How do you expect me to tell you the story?
  • I know but I really want to know what happened to my Great G’ma! Can you please please please with a cherry on top of some whipped cream please?
  • Fine, but you better not interrupt me. Got it?
  • Got it.
  • The Next Day
  • No you didn’t, my Great G’ma wouldn’t do any of that!
  • Okay, so you know all of the times that I praised her for being a good person. Well I have never told you the bad side of her. Frankly, I think you’re old enough to hear it.
  • What is it daddy?
  • G’ma was a professional jewel thief. She stole jewels when she was a little kid and I don’t think she wanted to but she did anyway. I even caught her in the act once at a jewel store in Mississippi.
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