Updated: 2/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Kera, today I will be travelling around my neighbourhood to see the different types of families!
  • Hello, I am Kera! Today I am asking my neighbours what types of familes that have
  • Together they went to meet another family
  • Hi Kera, interesting of you to ask! My family is not your typical family! I live in a single parent household. It is only me and my dad, my mom left us when I was little.
  • Off to the grocery store they went to observe different families.
  • Hi, we are learning about families! what family do you have
  • I have a nuclear family. I have a Dad a Mom and a Sister. We live down the road.
  • I have a extended family. We consist of several generations that live together under the same roof.
  • Did everyone see all the different Families!
  • All the characters realized that there are many different types of families and its okay to not all be the same or have the same family. Difference make us unique.
  • I did! its neat to see that not all families are the same!
  • Its nice to see the variety of families in our community.