The Franks- The Movie
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Franks- The Movie
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  • Clovis:Look it's a cross, God has helped us win this war. I hereby declare that we are a Christian Kingdom!
  • Charles Martel:The Arab and Berber Muslims are coming, get ready to fight. They will not concur us.
  • Pepin:If you tell everyone that I should be king then I will give you land and control over the land.
  • Pope:Well... fine, I will tell everyone that you should be the king.
  • Clovis sees a cross in the sky after the war and tells he army that the cross had helped them win the war. He declares that from then on, their kingdom would be Christian because the cross is the symbol of Christianity.
  • Charlemagne:I hereby declare that you Roland are a Christian.
  • Charles Martel and his army are hiding in the forest and are waiting to fight the Arab and Berber Muslims who want to take over their Kingdom.
  • Soldiers:Yes Sir!
  • Brother 1:How on Earth did dad think we would share this Kingdom? What are we going to do?
  • Pepin doesn't want to be Mayor of the Palace. He wants to be King. Pepin asks the Pope to tell everyone that he should be King. He knows everyone will listen to the Pope because they are Christians. The Pope makes a deal and they agree. Later, the Pope makes Pepin the new King.
  • Louis the Pius:I have an idea. What if we split the Kingdom into 3 part. Then we could each get one part.
  • Brother 2:Actually, I think that's a good idea.
  • Charlemagne is well known for "spreading Chritianity by the tip of his sword."
  • Roland becomes a ledgend when he sacrafices himself to save the lives of their army. He stays behind to hold off the attackers so that their army can circle around and fight. Unfortunatly, he dies while holding the ttackers back, but is known to be a hero.
  • Roland:You three go and get the army to turn back to come and fight. I'll hold them back.
  • The father, passed king, of the Frankish Kingdom left the whole kingdom to his 3 sons. He tells them that they are to share the power, but the brothers do not like the idea. Louis finds a solution to that problem and says that they should just split the kingdom in 3.
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