The Creation Stories
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Creation Stories

Storyboard Text

  • In the Egyptian myth, The Turtle's Back, and the Biblical creation stories, There are several differences and similarities. One of the biggest things they all have in common but also have different are a connection with their deities.
  • Atum's(Ra) tears created the humans on Earth. This was because his children returned home.
  • To give these new creatures a place to live, the land and the air were separated to create a balance.
  • This "competition" created a balance between all living things
  • The Brothers created humans and animals with clay kinda like it was a competition
  • Due to this new knoledge, God banished them from the garden.
  • After Eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve learn of the balance between good and evil
  • In each story we see how humans were made and their interactions with their God/gods
  • However, the biblical story, unlike the others, shows a negative connection between the beings
  • The balance good and evil is also shown as a balance in this story
  • In the Turtle's back and the Egyptian story, both cultures have a way of balancing the good and the evil. Whether it is by honoring them or by maintaining the harmony or Ma'at
  • The biblical story tells us that man became aware of good and evil, but this was not supposed to happen. Instead of it being seen as an important part of life, Adam and Eve were punished just for having this knowledge.