Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Description

they almost get kiddnaped

Storyboard Text

  • stop joking around like that
  • i swear
  • HURRY!!
  • knock knock
  • so there were two girls and one of them came running from the store and then told her friend that some was following her .her friend didnt belive her
  • after a few hours for most of the hours there was a man following them and they tryed to lose him by turning streets but it didnt work
  • they live really far way but they know this on person from there school so they stop at there house because there house takes 5 days to get to there house so there hoppeing they can get a room
  • they went up to her and she let the in and gave them a room that was free it was kinda werid but no really she has a lot of roomates
  • they both said thank you and they got a sleeping bag because there is only one bed to sleep on that is what was bothring them
  • they met the other roomate and ate cookies