Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • I'm going to be a jury!
  • Plaintiff: Due to a harmful friend, I have a horrendous bruise on my face and I think Mr.Mcgee should have to pay for these damages.
  • Defendant: Me and my friend were playing baseball in the rain. I was pitching, he was hitting, and I accidentally hit him in the face
  • Mr. Waiters has just received a piece of mail from his local govt. He is not sure what it was so he opens it. In bold font, he was told that on November 8th, he would have to serve as a jury on the court trial.
  • Due to the evidence I provided, I think Mr. Mcgee should pay for the damages
  • Both the defendant and plaintiff introduce their opening statements
  • .........
  • When Mr. Mcgee was pitching, the ball was slippery because it was raining, When Mr. Tyson was hitting Mr. Mcgee tried to hit him on purpose which left a bruise on Mr. Tyson's face.
  • After overviewing the trial, we believe that Mr. Mcgee is correct and that accidents happen.
  • Both plaintiff and defendant share their closing statements and summarize why they are right.
  • Due to the evidence I provided, it should be pretty obvious that it was an accident.
  • The juries discuss what they thought about the trial.
  • The juries share their decisions and share to the judge their thoughts.
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