causes of world war 1
Updated: 2/11/2021
causes of world war 1

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  • Germany, Great Britain and their allies tried to grow their armies. They were all sure that a war was going to start and every country and their ally wanted to be prepared.What did the other countries who weren't allies with any of these countries think when they were growing their armies?
  • Alias are very important when going to war. The Germans, Austrian-Hungarians, and the Italians were allies and were called the triple alliance. The triple entente was the alliance of France, Great Britain, and Russia.If a country was allies with 2 countries who were enemies how would they choose who to go to war with?
  • After a Serbian man killed Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Once all the Allies got involved the war grew tremendously and lasted for much longer than anyone anticipated.If Ferdinand somehow survived would WW1 still happen?