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Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • omg this fire would be good for humans thanks
  • ha thats what you get for being bad
  • remember not to ever open it, even if it is tempting.
  • 🆕🏺
  • Longlong ago, Prometheus saw that humans in the mortal world were always cold, so he stole the element fire and gave it to them, unknowing of the consequences.
  • 🏺
  • Once Zeus found this out, he was furious; so he got Prometheus and tied him to a rock where he summoned vultures to come and peck at him.
  • violence
  • hate
  • 🏺
  • war
  • To get him back even more, Zeus, god of the sky, decided to find Prometheus mortal brother, Epimetheus, and give him a jar. but not just any jar. a jar of evil. He reminded him not to ever open it.
  • One day while Epimetheus was away, his wife Pandora was too entrigued by the box. She couldn't keep her curiosity from opening it. so she did exactly what she was told not to do.
  • Soon enough, all the evil in the world was filled in the air. Hatred, war, violence. Epimetheus couldn't believe what she had done.
  • Pandora felt sorry for her mistake, now that there was evil in the mortal world she couldn't even think of what they must be going through. And that is the story of how hatred and hope entered the mortal world.
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