Updated: 8/29/2018
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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • george and lydia both were in the kitchen talking about the nursery.and how george needs to look at the nursery. then they both walked to the nursery.
  • climax
  • when they walked in they saw a african savanna with lions and birds eating under a tree when the lions where done the birds came down to pick off the bones
  • falling action
  • then the kids called them and told them they won't be home for dinner so go ahead and eat then they started to talk about what ahppend in the nursary
  • resolution 
  • peter and his sister both got home at the time they started to eat and george asked them about the nursery and why it is africa then peter sent his sister to check it out then they all walked to the nursery and it was a beautiful forest and george found a bloody wallet
  • then george said it was time to take a vacation and turn the house off and do stuff on there own with out a robot helping them then they heard the nursery and peter said he shouldn't turn the house off then the next day he turned it off and peter and his sister got mad and then george turned it back on and the parents both got eaten by the lions
  • then mr mclean walked in on the kids having a picnic watching something get eaten off in the distance and they all sat down to watch the lions chow down
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