hose on mango street
Updated: 2/4/2020
hose on mango street

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • this vi net shows that Esperanza personality was different before she moved to mango street she thought that her house would be perfect but then she changes and hates her house in the text it states" the house on mango street is ours and we do't have to pay rent to anybody"this shows that esperansa is about to change.
  • this vinet shows that her personality has changed because before she didn't talk to antibody but know she has someone to talk to it doesn't matter if they can talk or not they are like her it the book it states " four who don't belong here but are here." this proves that this proves that the trees are like her because they are where they dont belong
  • this vinet shows hat that Esperanza personality has hanged because she could have just walked away from them but she talked to them also she could have just that tough they where crazy but she bi lived them. in the text it states "you will remember. she asked as if she was telling me yes yes"this proved that Esperanza personality has changed because she could have not listed to them and walked a way but she stayed and lissend.