T Powell Unit 2 Benchmark 1 -Explorers: James Cook
Updated: 2/20/2020
T Powell Unit 2 Benchmark 1 -Explorers: James Cook

Storyboard Text

  • "Yes!That's a very good idea!"
  • The arrival of Captain James Cook
  • "I most definitely agree with you!"
  • "We should go and explore other Islands!"
  • "I agree!"
  • Yeah do you need anything!?
  • Welcomed by the Hawaiians
  • Omg! Hello! Do you want to come in for some food or anything?
  • Captain James Cook is killed!
  • I should call for the boats to release the cannons!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Be gone!You shall never come back Again!
  • In the day of January 18, 1778 a English explorer called Captain James Cook.He became the first European to come over to our Hawaiian Islands.After he sails past the Island of Oahu.He named some of the islands Sandwich Islands.
  • Later, Cook and his crew were welcomed by us hawaiians. Who were fascinated by the Europeans’ ships and their use of iron.Cook provisioned his ships by trading the metal. All his sailors were trading all iron, like iron nails for sex.
  • The captain and his men fired at the angry Hawaiians, but they were soon overwhelmed, and only a few managed to escape to the safety of the Resolution. Captain James Cook was killed by the mob. A few days later, the Englishmen retaliated by firing their cannons and muskets and killing some of us Hawaiians.