moes cafe number 2

Updated: 6/25/2020
moes cafe number 2

Storyboard Text

  • Car stops...
  • Ugh great again?! This is honestly starting off to a horrible day... Oh wait! My luck is turning, there is a repair shop, let me go walk to it.
  • Oh well hello Micheal and how much and long will it be?
  • oh haha, thats so embarrassing, um can you please fix my car?
  • The repair shop..
  • Hi! So nice to meet you!
  • Oh yes hah and of course! No problem, by the way I am Micheal!
  • Oh well it would 150 dollars and it will take about 2 hours but in the meantime, there was is a café down the street if your hungry!
  • The entrance..
  • umm.. ok?
  • This place is interesting you can say-EW! IS THAT A RAT?!
  • Lets' go, I am your waitress Blanche and I am going to show you to your table.
  • Josie was driving to her Aunt Molly's House of July Fourth until her car breaks down! This upset her so much as she was so anxious to get there, thus making this experience any less great. So, to get to her Aunt's house quickly, she goes to a repair shop to get it fixed.
  • The service..
  • Um waitress, oh I mean Blanche, I am ready for you!
  • mhm...
  • *Stops*
  • As she goes to the shop, she meet a friendly repairman named Micheal and after talking with her about her car, he explains to her how it would take a few hours to fix and will be 150 dollars so to wait, she should got to a café called Moe's Café. She agrees and heads on her way.
  • The bribe..
  • Oh why that would be nice! Thank you!
  • Hey pretty lady, you seem like a very intelligent young lady!
  • She gets into the entrance to find its sort of like a mall except dirtier and it was sort of empty except she was treated and show to her seat by the waitress Blanche.
  • The end.
  • Ugh finally I am back in my car and everything works! I am especially glad I am away from that psycho café!
  • As she sits down, she is approached by Blanche who throws the menu at her and leaves behind a scowl look at Josie. Josie ignores it, hoping it would get better yet she decided quickly but the service was terrible. She was only approached an hour and half later by someone she would not except....
  • umm.. I'll have the french toast..
  • menu
  • It was Moe, the owner and chef of the café and the reason she was surprised was because she wasn't excepting him at all. He then to proceeds to compliment her as a bait and asks to buy his food chain for 20 dollars?! She then looks at him like he is crazy, storms out and heads off to the repair shop, realizing she wasted so much of her time there. 
  • Umm, ARE U CRAZY?! You know what, I am leaving goodbye!
  • Um.. thank?
  • Seem you are smart, I would like to give you this restaurant for, let's say 20?
  • She then goes to the repair shop to get her car, pays the money and thanks Micheal and Heads off, she then still couldn't believe the scenario of what just happened. She just can't wait to tell her Aunt what happened today!