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Updated: 6/22/2020
science comics
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  • Oh no! My fridge is broken! I have to go to repair shop for it!
  • Ha! This rich man is worrying about his fridge breaking down when he isn't evening worry about what he is doing right now!
  • Here's your answer, its Climate Change! In fact, he is producing it in many different ways!
  • Way 1
  • When let out, this causes pollution in the air which heats up the earth's atmosphere, also causing pollution.
  • Cars consume many greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide which comes from fossil fuels and natural gases.
  • Way 2
  • This is another reason of climate change as unnatural farming causes un-needed gases in the air.
  • In the end, all of the needs for these machinery come at a cost of the environment, but the right way of doing it would be organically.
  • These gases come from all the energy they produce as the tractors need heating, lighting and ventilation.
  • Way 3
  • Another way is because of pollution, as it gets into our water sources and heats our water.
  • This kills our plants and animals and our water supply. To add on, it heats up our water, which goes up in the air during the water cycle and heats up our atmosphere.
  • Way 4
  • If these manure wastes aren't disposed of well, which never were, it would badly affect the environment!
  • This is the last reasons as they give out manure and farting.
  • There is nothing wrong with that except there excesses give nitrogen and methane.
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