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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Someone comes up with idea for a new law.
  • something needs to be done about this
  • Wow these students are eating really unhealthy...
  • I've had soda and candy everyday!
  • On my students lunch break everyday they eat soda and candy! It is not okay
  • Why we should prohibit soda/candy vending machines in school.
  • I agree. My son is one of those students. I will take action!
  • Yes, we both agree. We as the comittee approve. This is going to the house!
  • And that is why we should limit or even prohibit unhealhtly choices in lunch rooms
  • The first step is to identify the problem. Then try to come up with a solution/law that would solve the problem.
  • Who is in fabor of this bill?
  • We vote Yes
  • Us aswell.
  • The second step is to shed light on the problem by bringing a representative aware of the situation and law/idea.
  • Are both parties in favor of this bill?
  • We vote Yes
  • Us aswell.
  • The bill is then assigned to a comittee where they decde if it shall be brought up to the house or not.
  • I am now announcing a bill I have signed that prohibits all soda/candy machines in luncrooms in schools
  • The bill is brought up to the house to be debated on whether or no it should be passed. After they decide, if they vote it should be passed it goes to the senate.
  • After it is voted on in the senate, if there are any difference they must be sorted out and made into the bill. Both houses have to pass the bil in order for it to keep moving.
  • After it is passed in both houes in the senate, it goes on to the president. If he decides it should be a law, it will be signed and put into action