Unknown Story

Updated: 8/26/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Channel: Open Air, Face to faceMessage: He is telling the restaurant suggestionsEncoding: Friend/Sender wants his friend to compare and choose where to eat.Barrier: Cars passing by causing noise.
  • Sender: Guy Friend
  • Would you rather go to Pizza Palace or Sushi Sea?
  • Lots of noise coming from passing cars
  • Feedback: She responded with where she wanted to go.Decoding: She did not like seafood, so that led her to her choice.
  • Let's go to Pizza Palace
  • I do not like seafood.
  • Receiver: Girl friend
  • I do not want pizza
  • Barrier: Guy friend does not want pizza.Feedback: She wants to get going to Pizza Palace.
  • Would should get going!
  • Sender: Guy friendBarrier: Girl does not want sushi and is ignoring him.Message: How sushi is better.Encoding: He wants to convince girl to go get sushi.
  • Let's not go get pizza. Sushi is much better because...
  • I do not even want to listen to him. I hate seafood.
  • Message: how sushi is betterReceiver: Girl friendDecoding: She is considering what he is saying about sushi.
  • Sushi has all kinds of things in it, not just seafood. So your options are endless.
  • Maybe I do want sushi.
  • Feedback: She wants sushi now.
  • Okay. Let's go to Sushi Sea!