Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Let’s go and find out in the building… we are firm, our business is going to becalled “Camino Amarillo”.
  • Look at that pretty building, how much do you think the rent will cost??
  • I don’t know Juanito, how will we get the information?
  • Tomorrow we will found it, let’s create our portfolio analysis for today.
  • In our portfolio analysis we will look at movements and purchases.
  • I am already getting excited; how will our sales market be?
  • After a long time, and with the assigned budget, we are going to see at the results.
  • We will study for who is going to be our major shareholder, and plus, we have toimplement good strategies for the relationships with the clients.
  • …We have to hire suitable staff with business formation
  • Oh yes! That way we can sell our products to our clients and identify them as wellas to open offers and credits in special cases.
  • We will do market studies. With our workers
  • Our business will be prestigious and we are going to travel around all the world.
  • Wewill do a work calendar. With our workers, we will study what are going to beour costs, expenses and profits.
  • That gives me a lot of joy, that working and sharing will see a very good demand atthe end.