Hernando De Soto

Updated: 10/3/2021
Hernando De Soto

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  • Hernando De Soto was born in Spain. He was ordered by the King of Spain to explore Florida. He he had brought about 600 Spanish soldiers with him in his search for gold in the new world. Another purpose of this mission was to explore and map the region.
  • I'm gonna be rich and famous all over!!!
  • On may 25, 1539, Hernando De Soto and his crew/men finally landed on Tampa Bay. They started to march North towards Georiga.
  • Hernando De Soto and his men then entered Georgia, and started to terrorize the Indians living there by killing them, starving, and enslaving them, so that they would give him and his men on where to find gold.
  • Capture all of the natives. If they try to run kill them on the spot.
  • He was unsuccessful in his search for gold, so he decided to go west with his men making them the first to cross the Mississippi River. Soon after he fell sick with a fever and died, he had chosen Luis De Moscoso Alvarado to assume expedition. They buried Hernando De Soto in the Mississippi River.
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