catcher in the rye chapter 21

Updated: 10/3/2021
catcher in the rye chapter 21

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  • But I have a bad leg. I have to hold it in a certain position. I think I better sit down in a chair outside their door.
  • In this scene, Holden attempts to sneak into his home in New York. The elevator boy is different so he would not be recognized. Holden tries to convey him. He tells that he is the nephew of their neighbours and he needs to sit next to the door because he has a bad leg. The elevator boy believes in him and they go upstairs.
  • You better wait in the lobby, fella,
  • Holden enters the house. The house is pitch-dark and eerily quiet. Holden moves very silently, not to wake his mother up. Holden knows that Phoebe sleeps in her brothers room when his brother is not around. Hence, Holden walks into that room in utter silence.
  • It was dark as hell in the foyer, naturally, and natırally I couldn't turn on any lights. I had to be careful not to bump into anything and make racket.
  • Holden enters the room and starts to look through her stuff, her notebook... He is always impressed about how neat Phoebe was.
  • While Holden was looking through Phoebe's notebook. He decides to light a cigarette. The smoke wakes Phoebe up. She is utterly suprised and happy to find her brother sitting their.
  • Holden !!!
  • Holden notices something in Phoebe's arm and learns that she broke it. Holden gives Phoebe some advice. Then, Holden and Phoebe gets into talking. He gives the broken CD as a gift to Phoebe and Phoebe gets happier. She talks about her role in a play when Holden constantly asks the question about when their parents will come to home?
  • Phoebe understands that Holden is kicked out. She gets really devastated and furious. She yells "Daddy's gonna kill you!", and then puts the pillow over her head. Holden tries to explain Phoebe that he has a solution about how Holden will go away and find a job and that nobody is going to kill him. He goes out of the room when he can not convince her to get out the pillow.
  • You did get kicked out. You did !
  • I'm going away. I may get a job on a ranch or something for a while!