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A Queer Quest
Updated: 5/16/2020
A Queer Quest
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  • In a Cavern, somewhere in a jungle in Africa...
  • Ok, we've reached the end of our trail. This is where the last clue has brought us.
  • *Both look up and see the huge empty cavern*
  • How am I supposed to know? It's not like I've been here before!
  • So where exactly is the gold supposed to be hidden?
  • What? Where? I can't see anything!
  • Shush! I think I see something there!
  • Maybe if you don't watch TV all day long you would've been able to see it! Follow me.
  • Yea, I see it now.
  • Complete what?
  • Hmm.. I think we should complete it, as in, make it more informative.
  • Look, can you see that circle over there?
  • I don't know! All I see is a chemical equation.
  • If you had paid attention in school you would know.
  • How do we do that?
  • Whatever.
  • Ok, so first mention the physical states of each element/compound. Then check if there is any aqueous solution and add (aq) after it. If a gas is evolved the add an arrow pointing in the upward direction. Use an arrow pointing in the downward direction to indicate the formation of a precipitate.
  • Yea, at least you got something right. But this isn't a reversible reaction.
  • Hey, I remember that if it's a reversible reaction you have to use a double-headed arrow!
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