Virginia Colony
Updated: 1/15/2021
Virginia Colony

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  • Virginia Colony
  • Ayonna Hightower
  • The Virginia Colony was founded in 1607 by English settlers. They were sent to North America by the Virginia Company to start a settlement and find gold.
  • Where's the gold?!
  • Once they landed on the coast they devoted all their time to looking for gold but.....their was none .
  • The first few years in the colony were rough. Many died mostly because they didn't plant any food. or build shelter. Lucky for them the natives were willing to trade with them.
  • By 1610 more settlers arrived. One of them being John Rolfe. He introduced tobacco to the land and they started growing it as a cash crop along with rice and indigo. After harvesting they sent the goods back to England for profit.
  • By 1619 the colony had established a general assembly which became the blueprint for later representative governments in colonies. During this time the first 50 indentured servants were brought over to work picking tobacco. Since it was in high demand and more workers were needed.