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Updated: 10/22/2020
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  • Learn With Us Now!
  • Descriptive statistics is useful because it allows you to take a large amount of data and summarize it.
  • "Parents can always help their children to improve in E-Learning by giving them rewards to increase their motivation. It is also important to regulate their sleeping patterns by removing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine."
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  • "As for the educators out there, we can also help ADHD students by providing an effective class room accommodation. Visual aids, simplified instructions, and summarized points to make it easier for them to follow."
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  • Zoom Meeting
  • "These are the E-Learning friendly platforms that we can use to make learning accessible and easier for them."
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  • E-Learning with ADHD
  • Narrator: As a friend, we should also create a supporting environment for them by always asking about how they feel as we motivate them. We can also guide and help them in their studies to increase their understanding.
  • "Together. Let's. Embrace. Differences."
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