The Odyssey graphic novel
Updated: 12/2/2020
The Odyssey graphic novel

Storyboard Text

  • At dawn, my crew and I sailed around the island of Sicily looking for the natives
  • This is a really nice island !
  • Yeah !!
  • We wondered into a Giant's lair bringing wine given by Maron
  • Since the Giant was not home, we feasted on cheese waiting his return
  • Yum ! Goat cheese
  • We came to realize it's a cyclops ! He was not happy to see us in his cave. We thought he'd welcome us with open arms
  • No!!! Darius and Aidan Tran :(
  • He instead ate two of my men! After eating my cremates he went to sleep.
  • No!! Andrew and Teddy Kozeny :(
  • At dawn, the cyclops took two more of my men before leaving his cave. During his leave, I thought of a way to pay him back.