spider movie

Updated: 8/28/2021
spider movie

Storyboard Text

  • we need to go innow
  • omg what is that
  • hello
  • Hurry someone open the door now 
  • AHH is a huge spider at the door
  • yall ok 
  • It sound like someones at my door . Lets go so see now . i heard screaming .
  •  Did You hear that ? what is that? Let's go see what is ? Yes why you looking like that? OK lets go Because i don't won't to Fine
  • lets hurry now  ill go no ahh what we gone do about it
  • yea
  • what happen omgYou haven't heard about the huge spider outside in the garage  No i haven't actually what's going onits a big spider in the garagewow what gone do im scared now girl
  • where is everybody at and why is it quite? Lets go see what's going on
  • purrrrrrr
  • purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • hurrrry please we hear 
  • Up here and no we coming
  • hello where are you guys  Yall here that runn runnn
  • Ahhhh guys help me please now hurry
  • purrrrrrrrrrrrrr