Overall plot of time travel book pt 2
Updated: 2/10/2021
Overall plot of time travel book pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • We talked him into helping us. He is angry because he had not applied for a patent quick enough, and someone else, the megalomaniac (Jackson Ottman), had stolen it. We try to come up with another plan.
  • Part 2
  • He captures me after I board as a stowaway on his yacht. He starts gloating. 
  • He started to tell me how he knew. He also told me he was related to me. and that if I killed or captured him there was a possibility that I would end my own life.
  • Two masked bodyguards reveal themselves to be my companions. They are quickly dealt with. I ignore it. Ottman throws his weapons away and drops to his knees, hands behind his back.. He is defenseless, and I am not. Should I capture him, have him arrested, and risk my own life? Time seems to freeze in this moment.
  • I knock him out, and bring up records of his previous crimes. He didn't expect me to. He thought everyone was just as selfish as he was. He didn't know anyone selfless enough to sacrifice themselves for 5 more people. In my last month alive, I spent time with my companions. Once we returned, I died.
  • I woke up. I was extremely lucky that after all that, my family tree continued. I had the same genes, same features. I thought about the adventure I just had. I thought about Rick, who had sacrificed himself to restore the future. I found out I was living on a Terraformed Mars, still with dome-shaped cities. But the cities had so much more plant life. There was so much more green in the worlds. I silently thanked him.