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alien on earth
Updated: 9/4/2020
alien on earth
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  • where did i just land on?
  • i gotta make sure nobody sees me here.
  • First off, this third planet has more water for a hydrosphere. than any other planet in the solar system that i see.
  • And their climate is tropical in some areas in the world. And they also have an atmosphere.
  • When it comes to the biosphere, it also holds some pretty, intelligent human life and animal life. And it also has some good technology.
  • Yet there are four layers for the earth, the crust, the mantle, the outer core and finally the inner core. and as you go down these layers, there's more pressure and energy, and less relief. and within those layers there are convection currents in there. And there is some granite as well as basalt that are inside the earth, just for when it comes to the geosphere. And the planet along with every other planet has a moon and a sun. the layers were also part of the lithosphere which is part of the outermost shell of the planet.
  • there's also 3 forms of land form region's, mountains, plains and plateau's.mountains and plateaus do have a lot of elevation. and some mountains or plains have caves around the area, just for when it comes to the mountain range. and the asthenosphere is the vicious part that lives below the lithosphere.
  • And last for not least, the topography is the study and features of land surfaces. Thanks to the knowledge i learned, i know everything about the Planet Earth. And everything that belonged to the planet.
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