hope beyond hype

Updated: 2/11/2021
hope beyond hype

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  • Wow... I wonder if he's here to drop something off.
  • A small patch of skin from the patient is removed. Then, it's prepared and put in culture. This is when it grows.
  • how does lab skin growth work?
  • We use stem cells. They're found on the base layer of the epidermis. Like hair folicles ensure the constant growth of hair, stem cells ensure growth of the cells you are trying to grow.
  • What do you mean "grows"?
  • I was volunteering at a hospital and one day I came across a research scientist. I've always been interested in their profession.
  • If a burn patient comes in with severe burns that cannot be naturally healed by their body, we would extract some of their skin cells and grow new skin to later place on the affected area(s) of their body.
  • I asked about lab skin growth and how the process worked.
  • You can do the same but with blood. Using stem cells, you put blood cells in a dish and use another component that is found in glue. This is a secret component.
  • That's so cool! Wow. Any other cell growth processes?
  • I didn't quite fully understand how it would "grow". The whole scientific process was fascinating to me.
  • Stop by the science research unit tomorrow morning before my work day begins. I will give you a tour, but you have to promise not to touch any equipment!
  • Thank you for your time!
  • He even provided me with a beneficially helpful example so I would have a better understanding of the whole concept.
  • I asked if there were any ongoing researches going on and he told me about how stem cells can grow blood for our bodies.
  • I thanked him for his time, and he said that I could stop by his lab one day in the morning where he'd give me a contactless tour.