Updated: 2/24/2020

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  • Lia is a 18 year new adult, who has just gotten into a fight with her best friend cassie and they got into a huge fight causing them to stop bring friends
  • we can't be friends anymore
  • One day, Lia gets the news that Cassie has died at a Motel, she was suprised and hurt because she was once her best friend
  • Cassie has died at the motel he was before
  • After getting the news of her death she start to think about the night before, howLia got lots of calls from Cassie but se didnt answer them. She starts tto think to her self about how she could of saved her
  • I could've saved her
  • I can not go up, I can not, Keep on Going Lia, lose 489 calories, You can not gain.
  • When lia was just a teenager she started to make sure she wasnt overweight and that made her and cassie to have a eating disorder, that she has been struggling
  • Lia noticied that the people from the hotel were letting people go in to the room she died in, she was very curios about this so she went and when the man asked if she knew someone named Lia she lied.
  • No
  • hi yes this is the room where Cassie died, by any chance do you know anyone name Lia?
  • Lia then starts seeing Lia and Cassie starts to tell her to be strong and that she can survive what she is going through, and to not make the same mistake as me.
  • "What" How are you here
  • Please do not make the same mistake I did, I beg you