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Science and workshop safety:)
Updated: 9/29/2020
Science and workshop safety:)
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  • Why do we need to learn about that?
  • Let's get started.
  • Today we are talking about science and workshop safety.
  • So that we stay safe when doing all these fun things in science.
  • And hard goggles are used for building with hard material because they are made out of a hard plastic so that if a hard object you are working with won´t hurt/ get in your eyes.
  • Ok! Is there any other things about safety?
  • When doing Science always remember to wear the right equipment like having your hair pulled back if it is long and...
  • Yes quite a bit actually but were only going to get into one more.
  • There are two different types of science goggles
  • Yes!
  • Hard goggles
  • Whats the difference between them?
  • Chemicals 
  • Chemical goggles
  • Well chemical goggles are used for chemicals because they are made out of a soft material that if a chemical hits it the goggles the chemical wont burn through it.
  • Hard goggles
  • Chemical goggles
  • And hard goggles are used for building and anything to do with hard objects because if something hard hits the goggles it wont break the googles and hurt.
  • Whoa! That was a lot is there any more to learn about ?
  • S C I E N C E
  • When doing any thing with chemicals remember to make sure your supervisor or teacher knows you are doing it, Do not smell the chemical because it can do damage to your body and keep in mind/ be cautious because chemicals can be dangerous.
  • Good to know I will keep all those safety rules/precautions in mind when doing Science.
  • That is all I have for now!
  • Well chemical goggles are soft because they are used for chemicals. So they should not be used for things like building or really anything hard that might fly at your face, because they are soft and would probably bend when it hits you. they are used for chemicals because if a chemical bubbles up and hits you the soft/chemical goggles will protect your eyes because the chemical wont burn through the material.
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