Lorax project

Updated: 10/1/2021
Lorax project

Storyboard Text

  • This is where the once ler once was he made his thneeds and cause a lot of pollution .
  • Here lies a once-good lake
  • Now we are living a real life lorax where companies terrorize the skies and unknown objects are found in the ocean.
  • Luckily here in Newark, NJ we have a plan, An AQI plan.
  • What is an AQI plan?
  • Its a plan a city comes up with to combat high AQI levels. Take the Lorax for example, the pollution, here in Newark pollution is present but we do a pretty good job with it. In fact our AQI average is only 25!
  • Wow, so what your saying is that If the events in the Lorax happened, then the city would be fairly ok right?
  • YES
  • Yes
  • I am the lorax, kinda... I SPEAK FOR THE TREES. and you can see where I am, a polluted wasteland. because Thneedville did not use strategies to keep the AQI low , like the 3 R's. Reuse Renew and Recycle.