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Updated: 2/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Hundred Years War
  • I deserve to be king!!
  • No, that crown is mine!!
  • Joan of Arcs Early Life
  • Dear lord, please help me do what my visions tell me to. 
  • Joan of Arc and the French generals and King
  • Fine you can go along with the soldiers.
  • I had visions about leading the french to war. Please let me go!!
  • Lauren Reel7th grade
  • Joan and the battle of Orleans
  • When Joan of Arc was a kid and she grew up as a peasant. She farmed and grew crops, but worst of all her village was controlled the English. Joan hated the English because they treated her very poorly. One day she started having visions about leading the French into war with the English and defeating them.
  • Joan was captured and Executed
  • NOOO!!!
  • you were such a inspiration!
  • Joan went to the prince and the generals about her visions. The French army was doing so bad, that the king was desperate and let Joan go along with the French soldiers. Even though the king did not let Joan led, he still let her tag along.
  • Joan Inspires French
  • RUN!!
  • You better run!
  • The battle of Orleans was the turning point to the war. The French won that war and all of the wars after because Joan was an inspiration. The soldiers gave up that day, until they saw Joan going to fight. When they saw Joan they followed her and helped her fight.
  • Come on boys if Joan can do it, we can to!!
  • Joan was burned at stake because she was accused of being a heretic. She chopped of her hair and dressed up like a man to fight in the wars and that was wrong back then, so they burned her alive.
  • BURN. haha
  • After Joan was dead the French still won the wars and fought even harder because Joan was their martyr and symbol. The French were so inspired by Joan that they fought even harder when she died. She also played a big role in giving woman more rights.
  • Fine you win!