water cycle
Updated: 2/4/2020
water cycle
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  • hi i'm skeleton and i'm going to teach you about the water cycle. First the water turns into water vapor because the suns make the atoms in the water move so fast that they spread apart and then they rise to the sky that's called evaporation.
  • second up here the water particles collect with the dust molecules and merge this is because they need something to grab on to or else they will fall back down but when they grab on you have a cloud this is called condensation.
  • third thing that happens is the clouds get colder because of the atmosphere and then the clouds get starts to get heavier then the water starts to fall out it's called precipitation.
  • hey i think it's raining this is great i can finally show you what rain looks like look at all of it wait... uh oh
  • ah help
  • well that was the water cycle hope you enjoyed thank for watching bye!
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