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Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • these here are liquids a liquid is a thing that can take its shape
  • now if you get a ice cube and apply heat to it it will become a liquid because there was heat applied
  • for example this fish bowl has water in it so the water will take its shape
  • liquid
  • it will start to melt
  • solid
  • these are solids the rocks are solids to even the ice
  • but the ice can also turn into a liquid because if you apply heat
  • now if you add heat to water it can turn into gas and evaporate
  • gas
  • air is a gas. Gases take there shape also but one thing you can't see most gases
  • you see look around you breath don't you well the thing you are breathing is
  • it is also a good thing we have gases because without the most important gas as you can call air or oxygen we wouldn't be living.
  • liquidthe particles in liquid are usually out their but not like all apart or all together they are usually apart but not every where.
  • solidthe particles in a solid are always going to be close up and together they will never become apart unless you add heat to the solid.
  • gasthe particles in a gas are every where they are like little marbles bouncing every where there particles are more out there than solids and liquids.
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